Awakening of Insects Mar 06, 2023

Awakening of Insects

The Chinese solar calendar divides the year into 24 solar terms, with Awakening of Insects being the third. It falls on March 6 and lasts until March 20th this year.

Awakening of Insects marks the start of spring and brings a rise in temperature and rainfall, waking animals from their winter slumber. It is also an essential time for farmers to start spring agricultural activities.

During this solar term, the sound of spring thunder can be heard. In China, there is a saying that if the first thunder comes before Awakening of Insects, there will be abnormal weather that year.

Spring thunder occurs because the earth becomes humid, and hot air rises, creating frequent winds. This period is also crucial for weather forecasting.

The Awakening of Insects is a busy time for farmers as it marks the beginning of the busiest time for  agricultural work.

The temperature rises above 10 degree Celsius, and there is an increase in sunshine, providing good natural conditions for farming.

As old Chinese sayings go, ”once the Awakening of Insects comes, spring ploughing  never rests.”

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